2023 ARPC Black Powder Rifle Frolic

It's that time of year again! The 18th Century Rifle Frolic of 2023 is on Friday October 6th and Saturday October 7th.

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Our Club


A part of the sinking valley landscape since 1946. Available for member use year-round, from fishing in a stocked pond, to rifle and pistol ranges, or just a simple walk in the quiet woods, the grounds support a varied array of outdoor activities.

Our Ranges

Our club offers two rifle ranges (300yd Big Bore range and a 100yd covered rifle range), a steel woods walk for black powder, 22LR, and pistol, as well as 2 bays (Iron Valley and Bottenfield).


Nestled in picturesque sinking valley, right near Fort Roberdeau, the clubhouse has a full kitchen with seating for 150 and an indoor 20yd pistol range. It is also central to one of the largest black powder events in the country.


Black Powder Rifle


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