Hunting Rental Up For Bid

The ARPC is opening up the club rental for hunting purposes on August 1, 2022 for the regular firearms antlered and antlerless season.

What is included: Sole permission to hunt on the grounds of the Altoona Rifle and Pistol Club from Nov 26 to Dec 10.

  • Bidding Rules:
  • Sealed bids will be accepted starting on Aug 1, 2022 and lasting until Aug 31, 2022 (post mark determines eligibility).
  • Bids will be opened on Sept 1, 2022 with the highest bidder getting permission for the stated timeframe.
  • Highest bid wins, in case of a tie bid, earliest postmark wins.
  • $500 minimum bid.
  • Bids should be sent to: -Be sure to clearly mark on the envelope "ARPC Hunting Rental Bid"-

    Bill Harshman
    609 Cedar Lane
    Tyrone, PA 16686

  • Conditions for rental:
    • Maximum of 5 hunters allowed.
    • All hunters must be a member of ARPC.
    • No Tree stands, club grounds must be left in the same (or better) condition.
    • All PA Game Commission rules and regulations will apply.

Our Club


A part of the sinking valley landscape since 1946. Available for member use year-round, from fishing in a stocked pond, to rifle and pistol ranges, or just a simple walk in the quiet woods, the grounds support a varied array of outdoor activities.

Our Ranges

Our club offers two rifle ranges (300yd Big Bore range and a 100yd covered rifle range), a steel woods walk for black powder, 22LR, and pistol, as well as 2 bays (Iron Valley and Bottenfield).


Nestled in picturesque sinking valley, right near Fort Roberdeau, the clubhouse has a full kitchen with seating for 150 and an indoor 20yd pistol range. It is also central to one of the largest black powder events in the country.


Black Powder Rifle


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